Our Story

Crossbuck BBQ is a new generation of smokehouse specializing in craft American barbecue inspired from styles all across our continent. Barbecue that honors tradition while infusing the wide array of tastes that America has to offer. 

Our Mission

Continually Innovate. Combine "bold, punch-you-in-the-face, memorable flavors" using innovative smoking techniques and artistic culinary practices.


As the Crossroads of American Barbecue, we hit on the best parts of we think is the best BBQ from around the country... then put our own twist on them. 

Our Chef Pitmasters

It’s not often that a culinary artist leaves a successful career in fine dining to become a Pitmaster, but that is exactly what our founder, Tim McLaughlin, did over a decade ago.

In Crossbuck, he and fellow Chef-Pitmaster, Damian Avila, combine their love for the culinary arts with this passion for "smoking" to craft unique foods that are more than just satisfying…they’re memorable.